If your child engages in sports that are likely to cause mouth injuries, it is imperative that you get a sports guard for them. A sports guard is a mouth guard that has been specifically made for use by athletes to protect their teeth and gums in the case of a blow to the mouth.

Why should you wear a Sports Guard?

1. Cushioning

Where your child wears a mouth guard when playing sports, the mouth guard will cushion blows to the mouth and by doing so, it will prevent injuries to the mouth as well as joints.

2. Shock absorber

To prevent your child’s lower teeth and jaws from breaking in the case of an impact, mouth guards absorb the shock without passing on the blow to the joints.

3. Biting

Mouth guards also prevent your child from biting their lips, cheeks or tongue when an impact occurs.

What about Braces? For people with braces, a blow to the mouth can lead to tearing of the lips and cheeks by the braces. As such, if your child wears braces, a mouth guard will play a great role in preventing injuries by acting as a barrier between the braces and your child’s cheeks and lips.

Talk to your child’s dentist so as to figure out which mouth guard is best for them. If your child wears a removable retainer or any other kind of removable mouth appliances, take them off before having them wear a mouth guard.


The Different Types of Mouth Guard Available


There are three kinds of mouth guards that you can get for your child and each type comes with its upsides and downsides.

1. Stock mouth protectors

These mouth guards are relatively inexpensive when compared to other kinds of mouth guards and they are available in most sports stores. They come performed and your child can wear them immediately you get one. Dentists do not approve of these mouth guards though because they are quite bulky and little can be done to adjust them to fit your child’s mouth. They also tend to hinder your child’s breathing and talking capabilities. Overall, they will provide little protection to your child.

2. Boil and bite mouth protectors

Unlike stock mouth protectors, these mouth guards can be adjusted to fit the mouth of your child. As the name suggests, you will be required to place the mouth protector in hot water to soften it before shaping it to fit your child’s mouth by applying pressure by the use of fingers.

3. Custom fitted mouth protectors

These are the best mouth protectors for your child. A dentist will make an impression of your child’s teeth and make a mouth protector that fits their mouth perfectly. Though they are more expensive than other mouth protectors because of their custom fit, they provide the most protection.

Without a mouth guard when taking part in sports, your child faces a risk of leaving the game with chipped or broken teeth. In some cases, impacts to the mouth can lead to loss of teeth and nerve damage. A good sports guard goes a long way in ensuring that your child’s mouth is protected should there be any accidents while playing.