Markham Dental Implants

Is Dental Implant Right For Me?

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are used in prosthetic dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth or a group of teeth. There are several types of dental implants. The major classifications are divided into osseo-integrated implants and fibro integrated implants,
the first being the most widely accepted form of implants today. Based on medical discoveries, titanium can be successfully fused into the bone, resulting in the formation of structural and functional connections between the living bone and the implant, which are procedures employed and practice by the professional dental practitioners and dentists at the Bur Oak Dental.

The history of dentistry and that of dental implants dates back thousands of years. The earliest records of such procedures date back to civilizations that are now extinct and part of our historical evolution into today’s society. The development of technology, techniques and the evolution of science have played major roles in developing and improving the way dental care is viewed, and how practitioners employ general practices for common procedures and more complicated operations. A typical implant consists of titanium screws with a roughened or smooth surface. The type of treatment depends on the diagnosis and what needs to be done to fix the problem..

Does Getting a Dental Implant Hurt?

Implant surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure under anesthesia, oral conscious sedation nitrous oxide sedation, or any other form of sedation by trained technicians.
The legal training requirements for dentists who carry out implant treatments are different between countries, and at Bur Oak Dental, our professional dentists and technicians are all certified and properly licensed to perform such procedures at any time. With strict rules and guidelines, our clinic and management go the extra steps to ensure your complete safety, success of the procedure and absolute minimization of any side effects or problems after conclusion.

What’s the Difference Between Dentures& Dental Implants?

In the most basic of forms, dental implants require proper investigation, planning and scheduling of the procedures before they are performed. With the amount of time required to heal after an implant, each practitioner will assess the patient to determine the timelines by which they will be most successful, and least painful. With this type of variation, understanding the history of a patient is an important element of what Bur Oak Dental offers its clients, and an integral part of really becoming your advocate for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Whether you have missing teeth, teeth gaps or chronic dental problems, dental implants might be right for you.When you feel you might need dental implants, let our experts help you determine the best course of action to receive the most feasible treatment for your teeth. Call us today so we can assess your needs and help you achieve that confident and healthy smile..