Periodontal Disease

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Gum Disease or periodontitis is a disease involving the inflammation of the gums, often persisting unnoticed for years or decades in some patients, resulting in loss of bone around the teeth. Some of the research into periodontal disease dates back to the 18th century with pure clinical observation, remaining as the primary form of investigation well into the last century. During this time, signs and symptoms of the disease were firmly established and understood. It was discovered that these diseases are caused by a combination of multiple disease processes that share a common clinical manifestation. In fighting for the perfect teeth, we at Bur Oak Dental strongly support such research. In addition to the primary causes, the reasons behind infection cause local and systemic factors in the body. The disease consists of a chronic inflammation associated with loss of alveolar bone, resulting in the infections that in turn result in periodontal disease.
This also results in gum disease, discovered through inflammation and redness in the gums all around the teeth, weakening of the teeth and well as pain in the gums and the tooth lining. When a dentist works on any part of your teeth at Bur Oak Dental, our experts keep an eye out for signs of periodontal risk and infection, and advise you accordingly when such risks arise.

How Serious is Gum Disease?

Chronic Adult Periodontal Disease is one of the most common diseases in the world, with most people suffering from it somewhere in their mouths at some time or another. It is clear that there is both a genetic and an ethnic susceptibility to the disease, and that with certain other diseases; some people are more at risk than the average population. In those most susceptible, it appears that stimulus from specific groups of bacteria in the mouth can lead to an abnormal immune response in the gum, resulting in people being completely unaware of the problem. Hence, this is one of the reasons a regular dental check-up at Bur Oak is something we recommend.

Is Periodontitis Reversible?

One of the most important things to know and keep in mind about Chronic Adult Periodontal Disease is that it can be completely symptom free and undetectable until a dentist has diagnosed it. Once diagnosed, there are cornerstones to fighting the disease and applying proper treatment, and in most cases, the problem can be rectified by returning to proper hygiene and care of the teeth. Sometimes, the solutions that Bur Oak Dental can provide are a lot simpler than a patient can imagine. In this case, it may be simply applying proper teeth leaning methods over a period of time that helps clear the gums and teeth of the disease. Visit us today and get full assessments to ensure overall dental health for years to come.