Pediatric dentistry and Kids Dental in Markham

How We Earn The Trust & Confidence In Kids Dentistry

We sincerely hope to earn the trust and confidence ofevery patient that walks through our door, especially our youngest patients. Our dental office is designed to be safe and kid friendly,and our staff are well trained to handle children of all ages. We’re aware that people are different so we always try to offer a personalized treatment for all our pediatric patients and their parents. For starters, we ask familieshow they feel about fluoride, x-rays and dental treatment to make them feel at ease and involved in the process.
According to the Canadian Dental Association, it is recommended that children see a dentist six months after they grow their first tooth or before their first birthday.

Ensuring that your child sees a dentist so early in his/her life can be crucial in promotingdental health and hygiene. On your child’s initial visit, we will spend most of the time educating you, the parent about what to expect during the first few years. After this initial visit, we will agree on a preferred dental care schedule for your child and provide tips that will ensure your child’s overall dental health in between appointments.

Teaching The Importance Of Dental Hygiene To Kids

We place utmost importance on dental hygiene and prevention of tooth decay in children especially at a very young age so they can develop successful habits throughout their lives. Studies have also shown that poor oral health can affect both academic and social abilities in children. Which is why as we alwaysadviseparents on ways to maintain proper oral hygiene and proven methods to prevent dental related issuesfor their children.
We will also be focusing on maintaining the health and hygiene of the primary teeth (baby teeth) of children until they are naturally replaced. This is fundamental because the first set of teeth play a big part in both their nutrition and speech development, in addition to prepping them for the arrival of their permanent teeth.
As children continue to progress from childhood to adolescence, our services will also carefully transcend into ensuring good oral hygiene with regards to adolescence dental requirements. For adolescence, our dental care will be highly educational based, as weteach them about fillings, cavities, wisdom teeth and other dental related matters.

What Happens If My Child Gets A Cavity?

We tend to get this question quite often,and we think it’s a very good one. In the case of nervous adults, they usually go through a dental appointment with the aid of nitrous oxide (laughing gas). However, the same positive results may not be ideal with children. Certain negative dental experiences can cause children to further dread a dentist appointment. One of our primary aims is to create a conducive and friendly environment where children don’t develop any fear of the dentists so they can continue to develop a good relationship with their dentist and have a healthy smile all their lives. We maintain a good relationship with a Pediatric Anesthesiologist that help us handle such issues and address every need of your child during the dental process. For us, the safety and comfort of your child is paramount,and we can assure you that our methods will make them look forward to the next dental appointment with excitement.

As Dentists For Children, We Teach You:

  • Techniques on how to get your kids brushing and flossing naturally.
  • How to handle finger and thumb sucking and pacifier habits.
  • Injury prevention to your children’s mouth and teeth.
  • Dietary habits and general information concerning childhood growth and development.