Wisdom Teeth Removal in Markham

Wisdom Tooth is a surgical procedure that involves the extraction of one or more of a wisdom tooth. However, there is more to this procedure that you should know, especially if you are set to undergo one. Adults normally have four permanent teeth at the posterior of their mouth – they are specifically located at the bottom and top. It is vital that these teeth find room to grow because in the event that they don’t, you may need to go through an extraction procedure, which will be carried out by a dentist. Sometimes, dentists recommend that you carry out this procedure even in the absence of any problem.

Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Painful?

Most patients dread this procedure as they believe it is extremely painful and would require a series of medical processes. On the contrary, wisdom tooth removal can be carried out in a dental clinic by a trained dentist and is also a relatively routine dental procedure. The process usually does not result in any long-term complications, and your dentist will normally use anesthesia during the process to numb that section of your tooth. On completion of the procedure, your dentist may direct you to a recovery room. At this stage, it is crucial that you adhere to the instruction of your dentist to ensure a speedy recovery and healing time. It is not abnormal to have blood sipping out from the affected area shortly after the procedure. At this point, you will be encouraged to not spit out too much blood as this may dislodge the blood clot.
It is not uncommon to experience pain after the procedure,and this can be managed by taking over the counter pain-killer that will be suggested by your dentist. Also, the procedure might leave you with a temporarily swollen gum, which can be suppressed by using ice-packs or as directed by your dentist.

When Do I Get Wisdom My Teeth& What Are The Symptoms?

Wisdom teeth are usually common in people aged 17 to 25. Although it doesn’t happen to everybody. The extraction of a wisdom tooth is almost inevitable when the teeth grow at angles next to each other, grows straight, grow towards the back of your mouth or grow at right angles to each other. The result of an impacted wisdom tooth includes sharp pain, gum disease, damage to any surrounding teeth, tooth decay, food particles getting lodged between your services amongst others. These reasons are often severe enough to warrant an outright extraction of the tooth.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure?

It is important to highlight that you should not indulge in any activity that will apply pressure on your gums. Avoid any alcohol, carbonated or caffeinated drink in the first 24-hours after the procedure, stick to just water. Additionally, you should pick your meals carefully and go for softer meals that are easier to chew. Furthermore, you should ensure that you clean your mouth regularly preferably with a mouthwash – rinse and spit. Do not brush within the first 24 hours after the procedure.
In the absence of any complications, the recovery time for a wisdom tooth extraction procedure may take anywhere from 5 days to two weeks. If you strongly feel like something isn’t right,or the pain seems to be getting worse, please contact your dentist immediately for a follow up.
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